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Compressed air used to operate sensitive equipment should be free from dirt and particle contamination. Carbon filters help provide an efficient and trouble free operation for compressed air applications. We provide a wide range of high performance filters:

Pre Filter

Candle filters to remove dust

After Filter
Candle filters to remove activated alumina dust

Micro Filter
Filters particulates up to 1 micron, including coalesced liquid water/ oil

Sub-Micro Filter
For removal of particles down to 0.01 micron including water and oil aerosols.

Activated Carbon filter
Filters to remove odor and oil from lubricated compressors.

Range     10 cfm to 10000 cfm
Working Pressure     4 Bar g to 100 Bar g
Very Low pressure drops
Mild Steel fabricated housing for large capacities
Non-corrosive coating (Spray Galvanized Interiors) for long life

These filters are used for removal of oil, water and dust particle from compressed air and process gases.

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