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Spun Filter / Melt Blow

  • Excellent filtration, Rigid structure and Superior rated
Feature Advantage Benefits
Graded density
Outer layers provide pre-filtration, while inner sections, provide precise filtration. Higher particle removal efficiency.
Long service life.
Reduced total maintenance costs.
Broad chemical compatibility
Organic chemical reactions free
Well-suited for the beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical filtration.
Microfiber & SS fiber Ultra-fine pores
Maximize the void volume
Appropriate for the precise filtration.
Higher particle removal efficiency.
Melt-Blown, integrally bonded media No surfactants, binders, resins
Extremely low extracts
No foaming.
Clean filtration in critical application.
Appropriate for food and beverage
A variety of filtration ratings Optimize removal efficiency
Higher throughout
Lower total filtration costs
Superior flow characteristics
Coreless rigid structure Can be incinerated after use Reduce overall disposal costs
Quick and easy disposal
Proprietary Center core Enhanced structural support
Enhanced heat-resistance
Uniform fluid distribution
Appropriate for more rigorous applications.
Consistent production yields
Weld-free continuous length up to 40” Eliminate the particle bypass through connected area. Improved products quality
Enhanced filtration efficiency

Water Flow rate comparison:
Brand\Differential Pressure (kgf/cm2) 0.2 0.3 0.5 Remark
SYP 01 28 41 53  
JNF 01 41 50 60 Non woven fabric
WIF 01 50 59 72 Wound
MOF01 22 32 45 Mold

Industry Applications
Chemical Processing Bulk Chemical filtration, Alkalies / Acids filtration
Oil & Gas Petrochemical filtration, Waste water treatment
Metal Finishing Machine Coolants, Plating solutions, Stripping solutions
Electronics Pre-RO, Chemical pretreatment, Pre-filtration for High-Tech Coating (magnetic tapes, floppy disks, optic fiber)
Photographic Film Processing, Developer, Fixer
Food & Beverage Milk, Beer, Wine, Soft drinks, Bottled water, Edible oil
Cosmetics Mouth-wash, Lotion
Pharmaceutical Ultra-pure water system, Pre-RO

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