SS Pleated Filters Chennai No.❶ SS Pleated Filters Chennai


We are one of the leading manufacturers of Industrial SS Pleated Filter available in different sizes and designs, and as per the client specifications. We offer customized packaging as per specification and deliver our consignment in time.


  • Used for the process of fiber & polymer clarification to fine ink pigment classification.
  • Removal of contaminating solids from natural gas.
  • Manufacter of micron ratings from 1 - 100 micron absolute available in oven wire screen.


  • Material of Construction : SS 304, 316, 316l .
  • CS type : Single and Multi-Cartridge housings .
  • Size: To accommodate 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” cartridges of various micron ratings.
  • Tempertaure : 350 Degree .

Orient Filtres
Random Fiber Media
This magnified photo illustrates a top view of a 40 micron absolute rated random fiber media at 200 magnification.
Sintered powder metal
This photo illustrates a side view
of a 15 micron absloute rated sintered bronze at 200 magnification.
Woven Metallic wre cloth
This photo illustates a 165 X 800 wire cloth, rated at 10 micron to 50micron absolute. The magnification is 200x.

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